Make your party entertaining. Make it different. Make it Public. Excite your guests with multi-sport simulator games, duckpin bowling, ar darts, shuffleboard, and ping pong. Or allow us to customize your party experience. Whatever the occasion for gathering to play, let Public make it unforgettable.

Send an e-vite to your party! Click the link below to fill out the invite, and email or text to your invitees or download and mail at your convenience.

Invite Guests!

Reservations must be made 5 days in advance. 2 hour minimum reservation. Simulator Parties of 8+ people are required to rent a minimum of 2 simulators. Duckpin bowling lanes are 6 people max per lane. There are 2 simulators located in the main area and one additional simulator is located in the Rec Room by the duckpin lanes.

Parties of 15+ people must purchase a food package (Please discuss with staff). If no package is chosen, a food and beverage minimum will be required. All rentals are not included in party package pricing and is not credit towards food.